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Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine

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  • Thermoblock Group
  • No Rust, Aluminum Case
  • Simple to Use Controls
  • Sleek, Compact Design
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The Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine represents the new and improved design of the new thermoblock produced for this newest version. The thermoblock is designed of aluminum for fast warm up times and thickness for good temperature stability. Ascaso Dream machines also have a microprocessor that pulsates the pump so water in the reservoir continuously fills the thermoblock for continuous steam - until the reservoir runs near empty. Previous models had metal-to-metal closure for shutting off the steam/how water valve. The Ascaso Dream models were upgraded with compression steam valves so there is a rubber gasket that makes the closure. This newer design lowers the chance of limescale buildup as seen on previous models.

The boldest outline, a wink to the past and a best to the future. The Ascaso Dream versatile espresso and cappuccino machine is the flagship of the Ascaso line. Its classic retro look is combined with the best that modern technology has to offer in a traditional style machine. This series is dubbed the "versatile" machine because the dream versatile machines can use either ground coffee or proportioned single serving espresso pods, also known or labeled as E.S.E. - with a simple change of the filter basket in the filter handle. While the machine is designed to be versatile, the Ascaso Dream includes the adapter and screen which can be added to the grouphead so only ground coffee can be used. However, the end result is even a better cup for most espresso enthusiasts. Unlike other machines made of steel and painted enamel, the Ascaso Dream has no chance of rusting.


Heavy Duty Coffee Holders and Filter Baskets - Keeping with the tradition of using only commercial grade components, the Ascaso Dream uses heavy-duty chrome plated brass coffee holders, which feature a rugged plastic handle; the same coffee holder is used for ground coffee and espresso pods; single shot and double shot 2,24" diameter stainless steel filter baskets are included for ground coffee, and there is a pod basket for single dose ESE pods; the double shot size baskets allow you to use more ground coffee per serving for stronger espresso or cups of coffee.

Quick Thermoblock - An outsized thermoblock offers quality heat retention and quick steps up or down to steam temp.

Stainless Steel Pipe - Less prone to limescale build up from magnesium and calcium - limescale is a major factor in causing problems on espresso machines. Aluminum avoids 'pitting' in cases where purified water is used



Simple to Use Controls - Flip on the center power switch to begin heating up the boiler; two more professional grade rocker switches now let you control the steam function (far left) and the coffee brew control (far right); a series of indicator lights inform you when the machine is powered up, and when it is at the proper temperature for either brewing espresso or frothing milk.

Quality Brewing Group - the grouphead is made of chrome plated brass; designed after Ascaso's commercial espresso machines, the Dream's group head evenly distributes heat and reduces hotspots for more temperature consistent espresso; it has also been designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for a better extraction.

Includes a 3 Way Solenoid Valve, Adjustable Overpressure Valve, and Aluminum Tamper - The Ascaso Dream does not have a pipe into the drip tray on the left side. There is a plug sealing the hole, and the three way solenoid valve returns to the reservoir.


Construction with Longevity in Mind - The Dream's body is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum for extra long life; the aluminum is then finished in a chip resistant enamel paint; unlike most espresso machines in this class that are made of steel, the Ascaso Dream will not rust thanks to the aluminum body; all of components that make up the construction are designed for long life and low maintenance.

Excellent Body - The aluminum is hand buffed and polished; hence, each base will have its character. The aluminum base does have a polish. Therefore, be careful of distilled or purified water which can ruin its finish.

Analog Operation - A manual steam wand, toggle switches and an analog temperature gauge make the Dream a joy to use.


Product Details

Removable Drip Tray
Drip Tray Cover Material
Stainless Steel
Water Tank Access
Water Tank Capacity (l)
Water Source
Boiler Configuration
Steam Wand Material
Stainless Steel
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