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Rhinowares are a range of revolutionary and innovative products specifically designed for baristas, roasters and home brewers. They offer sturdy, high-quality equipment for homes and cafes. With the Rhinowares products being durable, they could last for thousands of uses, saving you thousands of dollars, so you won't have to worry about your tools giving out on you. Rhinoware keeps improving their products with the help of their award-winning team of experts and followed by feedback from customers. This makes Rhinowares different from other barista gear manufacturers.

Buy Rhinowares Round Shot Glass Lined 60 ml in UAE, Dubai, Abu
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Rhinowares Round Shot Glass Lined 60 ml

18 AED 30 AED
Less Likely to Break Graduated Marks Provides Insulation From Heat Perfect Shots
Buy Rhinowares Cloth Set in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dabi, Al Ain, Ajman
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Barista Towels

Rhinowares Cloth Set

47 AED
Steam Wand Cloth x 2 Coffee Cloth with Belt Clip x 1 Multipurpose Cloth x 1 Blend of Polyamide and Polyester
Buy Rhinowares Cupping Tray (12) in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dabi, Al Buy Rhinowares Cupping Tray (12) in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dabi, Al 2
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Coffee Cupping

Rhinowares Cupping Tray (12)

47 AED 50 AED
Durable Blue Cupping Tray 12 Trays/Pack Oval Shape
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